Carrier® is the leader in engineering, design and manufacturing of vibrating equipment for bulk material processing. Its signature products are natural frequency conveyors, feeders, screeners, fluid bed systems, spiral elevators and shakeouts.

While already on the field way before 1995, it was then that the US company Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc. established its European branch, under the name of Carrier Europe s.a.. Active since 1950, Carrier Vibrating Equipment was already famous for its outstanding innovation in the field of vibrating technology.

Carrier Europe s.a. is serving the EMEA market (Europe – Middle-East – Africa), operating from Nivelles (BE). Nearly all of its equipment is produced in Belgium.

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Delivering industrial equipment is not merely a transaction, but more of a step in a long-term collaboration. From the moment we start talking about your process, we become a part of your research for a solution. We put all our efforts in finding the right answer for your application and into providing the best technical support to ensure your equipment will serve its purpose for a long time.

We focus on the life cycle of your equipment and we never let a customer down!



All Carrier equipment rely on vibrating technology. It applies harmonic motion to handle your product without degradation and completes various processing functions, like conveying, screening, dewatering, drying, cooling or shaking-out. Our designs require minimal maintenance and energy, making them reliable, long-lasting and suitable for a wide range of products.

This adaptability allows us to serve many industries. We are well present in wood, chemicals, foundry, rubber, recycling, food, minerals, plastics, biomass, glass and many more!


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Custom design

Everything starts with your specific product, process and needs. Our experienced and fine-trained engineers work with you to transform your request into a unique piece of equipment.

Our custom-made solutions are tailored to match your most demanding sanitary, practical or environmental regulations and restrictions. They can be designed for high capacity, high temperature, abrasive or dusty environments, food or chemical grade, from the most delicate granules to the bulkiest ones.

Vibrating fluidbed dryer for coal

Robust & reliable

Making the most of vibrating technology and built from heavy-duty components, our equipment maintains optimal efficiency event in harsh environments like foundries or outdoor facilities like wood yards of panel plants.

We spare no effort nor expense on the quality of our parts and manufacturing skills, in the robustness and longevity of our equipment. Some of them are still running after 40 years and of course still receiving replacement parts and technical support.

Vibrating natural frequency conveyor

Low operational cost

Vibrating equipment has several critical advantages over other types of conveying or processing equipment. For example no moving parts in contact with the product, resulting in less product loss, no contamination as well as low maintenance and downtime. Vibrating equipment running on the natural frequency principle has the additional advantage of using a spring system supporting the equipment and acting as a relay for the drive. Once the vibration has been initiated by the latter, the former takes over and becomes the driving force, greatly reducing power consumption.

Vibrating equipment requires low maintenance and operational cost

70 years of experience

Our engineers have been gaining experience for almost 3 decades. But we also benefit from a profound and long term expertise from our parent company in the United States. All of our past designs are documented and attest to our experience in various industrial fields and products. They serve as a solid knowledge base to discuss new or unusual applications.

Design and engineering of vibrating equipment

Global presence

With our mother company in the United States and a large workshop in Shanghai, we assure a worldwide presence to support you wherever you are for sales of after sales matters. All our sites dispose of warehouses. On top of that, we are represented in most parts of the world by local sales agents.

Global presence

ISO9001 certified

We control the quality of our products and  services at every critical stage. This allows us to continuously improve our processes and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.

About Carrier Europe: ISO 9001 quality management


Carrier Europe is a member of CPEG (Carrier Process Equipment Group, Inc.), the global leader in custom solutions for dry solids processing and thermal processing. We benefit from the expertise of partner companies.

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