Material Test

We do not believe in rigid design, but work with you to better match the requirements of your process line.


Designing custom equipment for a large range of processes, in a diversity of processing conditions, is one of our strong points. Doing so, material testing is often a prerequisite to eliminate doubt. When approaching a new application (or a past one in new conditions), on site testing might not be an option for our customer. This is why we propose to run some tests on samples of the product.

Our testing facility is equipped with fluid bed systems dedicated to drying and cooling. This allows for taking hot products out of the dryer and immediately cool them down, as it would be in a continuous fluid bed with drying and cooling sections. These installations are completed with a control system offering very accurate and reliable readings.

We can test many materials while imitating real-life operating conditions, then extrapolate the results to industry-scale. Running tests in an early stage allows us to give our customers performance guarantees on almost any kind of bulk material.

CEUR lab


it can happen that your product can not be transported because time and transport conditions would alter or simply ruin it. For these cases we can propose rental equipment, generally in the form of a batch fluid bed dryer system to install near your production site. If needed, you also have the possibility to be assisted by our field process engineer.


Do not hesitate to contact us: we gladly help you make the right choice for your next fluid bed system!